Chasity Burleson 



Chasity began her yoga journey over a decade ago. She began practicing yoga for the physical practice (asana), however after the unexpected death of her father yoga became so much more than a workout. Chasity used yoga to heal, to sit with grief and come out on the other side stronger and more connected. Creating this connection to self and the world is what motivated Chasity to want to share this gift with others. This desire to bring people closer to themselves and each other led her to become a RYT-200 and then becoming a RYT-500. Chasity has taught in studio settings, community centers, elementary schools, farm camps, festivals, and many other locations. She has held a private yoga business since receiving her YTT catering to client’s individual needs and schedules. Chasity strives to make each of her classes accessible and focuses on building connections, whether within the self, the environment, or within the collective in her classes.  Chasity is dedicated to continue her work in the realm of social justice and yoga. She will continue to bring the intersectionality of these two worlds into her offerings. 

Savannah Gibson


My journey with yoga began at a young age. My father is an avid practitioner and growing up I spent a lot of time practicing asanas with him. I however, did not begin dedicating myself to consistent practice until I stopped taking ballet classes after almost 10 years. Yoga was a way to continue to build strength and flexibility, but it was not until I began college in 2013 when I really began to dig into yoga as more than a physical workout. This exploration led me to gain my  200 RYT that same year. There is just something incredibly beautiful about the way the practice of yoga is able to allow one to move deeper within themselves to better center both the mind and body. That aspect is also what I love about teaching. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping to lead people towards peace, and the realization that they are capable of so much more than they believe. I hope to meet you soon in the studio and walk beside you as you move through your yoga journey. 


Kimber Jones 


Kimber was introduced to yoga and ayurveda in 2009 after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. She is now completely off of all pharmaceuticals and 100% symptom free as the result of these practices. She hopes to share this knowledge with her students and connect them to the ancient sciences in a modern and meaningful way. Her yoga style is slower and mindful, and she strongly believes yoga asana is separate from fitness. Instead, she relishes in the mind body connection, self-study, and yoking of opposites yoga provides. She completed her 200 hr teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center. She also completed a NCSF personal training certification. She is working towards her 500 hr RYT certification through Asheville Yoga Center and Advanced Studies and Apprenticeship with Vira Bhava Yoga. She practices meditation in the vipassana tradition. 

Andie Morgenlander 


As a yoga teacher, Andie Morgenlander (she/her) offers a supportive atmosphere where students can get radically present with themselves to use their practice of self-inquiry to show up for collective wholeness. She shares yoga rooted in the Hatha yoga tradition influenced by trauma-informed practice and anti-racist yoga philosophy.

We are all having different lived experiences. In her yoga classes, Andie honors this truth by giving options for different bodies, and by leaving plenty of space for you to move in the way that makes the most sense for you. Each person's healing looks and feels distinctive.

Andie is also a director, writer, and producer of both short and feature-length narrative films. She is in the early stages of developing Justice Film Collective, a creative collaborative dedicated to equity and compassion at every stage of the filmmaking process. By sharing movement and through the practice of filmmaking, she strives to create platforms that propel mutual healing and awaken conscious conversations, ultimately leading to a more liberated way of living.


Sarah Myers


Sarah was first introduced to Yoga as an undergraduate elective in 2002. She was working in a restaurant at the time, and vividly remembers the increased awareness of her breath and connection to her feet as the semester long course progressed. While it was another 10 years before Sarah began to practice Yoga intensively, she always knew that the practice would be waiting for her when she was ready. She completed her 200 Hour Teacher training in 2016 and has been teaching in the Leicester community since. Sarah delights in the way Yoga can offer serenity, exhilaration, and humor in a matter of moments, and finds enduring value in the mental and physical impacts of study and practice. She truly believes that if you can breathe, you can do Yoga, and that it should be available to anyone who's interested in giving it a try.

Naomi Olsen-Zelman


"My yoga journey began in 2017 following my move to Asheville from my hometown in central Pennsylvania. I had been exposed to yoga throughout my youth thanks to my mother, but never fully appreciated it until I began to seek it out on my own. It was sporadic at first, but the ending of a long term relationship catapulted me into my practice at full force. What started out as a way to find connection and community turned into the most powerful healing tool in my life. I felt more clear physically and mentally, and for the first time in my life I felt connected to my spirituality. Once my eyes were opened to the benefits of yoga as a holistic practice I was inspired to deepen my understanding by completing the 250-hr YTT at Asheville Community Yoga in 2019. My strongest desire in the role of “teacher” is to be able to help others truly see the benefits of yoga as I have.  As a new teacher, I aim to bring humility to my teaching in a way that allows room for us to grow and learn together. My goal is to cultivate a space in which we can let go of expectation, explore possibility, and meet ourselves with compassion and truth. "


Mike Ptaszek


My journey with yoga began several years ago, like many, during a transitional period in my life. While I don’t recall feeling particularly drawn to the practice of yoga specifically, I do know I was completely desperate to feel like an active participant in the healing process. What initially began as a primarily physical practice - using the body to “feel better” - quickly evolved into a holistic, dedicated journey of self-care, exploration, discovery, growth, expansion and love guided by the eight limbs of yoga. It’s nearly impossible, now, to imagine how I was living before the practice of yoga was the common thread that weaves together all the aspects of my daily life experience. I guess I wasn’t really.
“We don’t use the body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into the body,” gently reminds us that the breath, heart, mind, feelings, spirit, soul, the entirety of the universe all live within this body, right now. And it is my hope that in asana practice, together, we are able to step through this doorway of the body and witness, connect with, our absolute truest selves - if only for a breath. 

Leslie Rhinehart 


The practice of yoga meets you where you are.”  After a life altering experience two years ago I was left physically , mentally and emotionally drained.  I decided to try a Restorative Yoga class and I knew afterwards the this statement was true.  I also came to understand that I wanted to share this beautiful transformative practice with others.  This sent me on my continuing journey to practice, learn and share the joy of yoga with others.  I consider myself a servant and a life long student and am grateful to share and learn yoga with my community.

Leslie .jpg

Kathryn Rinaldi


Katie is a passionate student and teacher who has found herself embarking on a journey dedicated to becoming her most authentic self through Yoga, Meditation, Plant and Animal Medicine, self-study, travel, and devotion to Mother Earth. Fueled since childhood with a spirit of adventure, exploration, and spontaneity, she felt unsettled conforming to fit in with societal norms, so she embarked on her own path of self-discovery to reconnect with her inner self and reveal her life calling. Now, she is dedicated to the expansion of consciousness and guiding others in shedding layers and removing blockages within all layers of their human constitution to feel confident in their body, mind and spirit, so they can connect with their true nature, uncover their life’s purpose and lead their lives guided by their hearts.

Katie is a registered 200-hour Yoga teacher, as well as currently in the process of completing her Yoga Therapist Certification with 300-hours already completed in the study. Her mission is to transform the way Yoga is viewed, so that all beings can feel that Yoga is accessible to them. Katie incorporates her love for sacred ceremony, ancient Yoga philosophy, Kirtan, Vedic chanting, and other holistic modalities into her teachings, practices, private sessions, workshops and retreats.

Most of her teachings come from the Viniyoga tradition of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar. In private and group yoga classes, she focuses heavily on the breath and breath/body coordination incorporating gentle, mindful movement, breath work, sound/chanting, mantra, and visualization. Katie mostly focuses on a Therapeutically-based style of teaching, but is also experienced in and enjoys teaching Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. 

She expresses her deepest gratitude for her teachers, ancestors, ancient healers, elders, Mother Earth (Alpamama), Pachamama, Father Sky (Inti Tai Tai), Mountain Spirits (Apus) and the sprits of the four directions.