Chasity Burleson 

Owner and Teacher 

Chasity began her yoga journey over a decade ago. She began practicing yoga for the physical practice (asana), however after the unexpected death of her father yoga became so much more than a workout. Chasity used yoga to heal, to sit with grief and come out on the other side stronger and more connected. Creating this connection to self and the world is what motivated Chasity to want to share this gift with others. This desire to bring people closer to themselves and each other lead her to become a 200-RYT. She received her 250 YTT at Asheville Community Yoga 2014. Since that time, she has taught in studio settings, community centers, elementary schools, farm camps, festivals, and many other locations. She has held a private yoga business since receiving her YTT catering to client’s individual needs and schedules. She has also co-hosted a weekend yoga retreat at Franny’s Farm, where she has been teaching Goat Yoga Asheville classes since their creation in 2017. Chasity strives to make each of her classes accessible and focuses on building connections, whether within the self, the environment, or with the animals in her classes. She has a playful and soulful approach to her teaching. She firmly believes that, “The shortest path to happiness is a joyful one.” Her intention is to continue to spread joy.

Meredith Allen 


Peaceful Flow Thursday at 9am

Native of Asheville. Mother of three. Nature enthusiast. Lover of yoga!


"I have been practicing yoga on and off for over 10 years and decided to deepen my knowledge by becoming certified in 2016. Since that time I have been teaching in various locations in Asheville and the surrounding area. After many years of interest and passion in holistic wellness, teaching yoga became a natural fit. It is a joy and an honor for me to hold space for others and use my gifts to serve people through this practice." 

Ceiara Cartony


Mindful Gentle Flow  Wednesdays at 7pm

Powerful Flow Saturdays at 9am 

"My journey began in 2003 taking my first yoga class... I loved the weirdness of it and felt a new connection to myself though I didn't understand why. From then on I committed to slowly scouting different classes over the years and eventually yoga became a big part of who I am. A seeker. In 2014 I became a 200hr certified Hatha yoga teacher at the Lotus Pond in Tampa, Florida. I moved to the Asheville area in July 2018 and since then have lead many outdoor yoga classes. To build & be involved in community is everything to me, I'm thrilled to grow this within Ful Flow Yoga! As a teacher and still always a student, I'm often inspired by exploring our comfort zones & offering ways to step out of them. I challenge students to leave any doubts at the door and trust what's to come as we surrender to what is. Combining the focus of body alignment, utilizing the breath & movement while intertwining the 8 limbs philosophy, there is so much to unveil from each one of us. Finding stillness & allowing the mind to disconnect from distraction through meditation technique is essential in every one of my classes. What initially began as a physical goal, my practice has evolved into recognizing the beautiful revelation that yoga offers through yoga ethics. I aspire to outline the importance of yoga's entirety when teaching, creating an impact of mystery and yearning to learn more. My goal is to keep students coming back to explore & blossom their truest self."

Zosia Glass


Powerful Flow Wednesdays 5:30pm

Joyful Flow Fridays at 4:30pm 

Zosia began her yoga journey in 2006 at a yoga studio in her hometown of New Orleans.  Something that was initially just a way to keep her body moving as a replacement for dance, developed quickly into a deep love that has nourished her ever since! She soon found herself at a 200-hour Hatha yoga teacher training in India in 2008, and has spent about two years in total there, over the years, trying to learn whatever she could get her hands on! Her other qualifications include a 200-hour Ashtanga teacher training with her teacher Ajay Kumar, a 200-hour Yoga Therapy teacher training, and a 75-hour Pregnancy Yoga training.  Pranayama, mudra, meditation, and yogic philosophy are all aspects of yoga that Zosia feels drawn to share with her students, as well, having felt their benefits first-hand.  :)
Zosia aims to create a space in her classes where everyone feels comfortable and at home. Questions, requests, laughter, and failed attempts at crazy looking poses are all very much encouraged!! She hopes that by bringing humor, joy, love, and humility to her classes, students will be able to fully immerse into their breath and their bodies, tune into the moment, and learn from probably the greatest teacher of all -- themselves!

Maya Sozer 


Joyful Flow Tuesdays at 4:30pm 

Breathful Flow and Meditation at 12:00pm

Maya started practicing yoga in 2015 after giving up running due to a lower back injury. Yoga helped heal her body and led her on a path of deeper exploration. She practiced Ashtanga with her first teacher Johnna Smith, embracing the ancient message “Our divine birthright is Joy.” Maya received her RYT 200 certification from Asheville Yoga Center in 2019. She is currently studying, practicing and teaching prana and pranayama techniques. Maya is the organizer of the meetup group Asheville Mindful Walks. She loves practicing walking meditation, being in the nature and expressing herself through art. 

Naomi Olsen-Zelman


Mindful Flow Fridays at 12:00pm

Joyful Flow Sundays at 9:00am

"My yoga journey began in 2017 following my move to Asheville from my hometown in central Pennsylvania. I had been exposed to yoga throughout my youth thanks to my mother, but never fully appreciated it until I began to seek it out on my own. It was sporadic at first, but the ending of a long term relationship catapulted me into my practice at full force. What started out as a way to find connection and community turned into the most powerful healing tool in my life. I felt more clear physically and mentally, and for the first time in my life I felt connected to my spirituality. Once my eyes were opened to the benefits of yoga as a holistic practice I was inspired to deepen my understanding by completing the 250-hr YTT at Asheville Community Yoga in 2019. My strongest desire in the role of “teacher” is to be able to help others truly see the benefits of yoga as I have.  As a new teacher, I aim to bring humility to my teaching in a way that allows room for us to grow and learn together. My goal is to cultivate a space in which we can let go of expectation, explore possibility, and meet ourselves with compassion and truth. "


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