Class Schedule 

Classes are now live streamed via Zoom. 

Once class is booked online a link is sent to your email for you to join the zoom meeting at class time.

A link can also be sent to you that allows you to view the class up to 48 hours after class time if you are unable to attend at class time. 

*Class descriptions below schedule and pricing


9am Joyful Wake Up Vinyasa

         with Chasity 

10:30am Soulful Flow and Yin 

          with Chasity 


9am Powerful Core Flow 

        with Chasity 

5pm Joyful Vinyasa Flow 

        with Chasity 

6:15pm Hopeful Yoga for Healing 

          with Chasity 




9am Mindful Gentle Flow 

        with Chasity 

5:15pm Grateful Chair Yoga (30 mins)

        with Chasity 

6:15pm Restful Flow with Restorative 

      with Chasity 


9am Powerful Slow Flow 

       with Maya 

4:30pm Joyful Vinyasa Flow Level 1/2

       with Zosia 

7pm Soulful Flow and Yin (75 mins) 

      with Ceiara 


9am Peaceful Gentle Flow 

        with Meredith 

4:30pm Joyful Vinyasa Flow Level 1/2

          with Chasity 

6:15pm Mindful Gentle Flow 

          with Chasity 

*This class is an in person class at Woodfin

River Park on Riverside Dr in Asheville.

Class will be live-streamed if inclement weather*


9am Joyful Wake Up Vinyasa Flow 

        with Chasity 

10:30am Mindful Gentle Flow 

       with Naomi


9am Powerful Flow 

       with Ceiara 

10:30am Peaceful Gentle Flow 

      with Naomi 


*while live streaming. 

Private Classes Available 

$60 for 60 mins

$75 for 90 mins

Private Group Classes 

$150 up to 10 people 

Great for Birthday, Company, 

or Bachelorette/Bachelor 

*Click Class Name to be taken to description 


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